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Professor Dr.Khalil M.H.Al-Shamma’

  • An Iraqi citizen who obtained B.B.A. , with Distinction ( 1957 ), and M.B.A. ( 1959 ), in Business  Administration, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Ph.D in Business Administration    ( 1962 ), University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A , and Ph.D, Business Management, ( 1987 ) World University, Arizona U.S.A. This is in addition to ‘’ Certified Lender – Business Banking (CLBB), Certificated Institute of Bankers, ICB, U.S.A., (2001).

  • Professor Al-Shamma’ served the University of Baghdad, College of Administration and Economics, as an Instructor (1962), Assistant Professor (1967), Associate Professor (1978) and Full Professor (1979).

  • During  the years 1962 – 1992, he occupied many official posts, including Chairman , Statistics and Research Department, Central Bank of Iraq ( 1964 – 1965 ), Adviser to the President of the Economic Organization,( 1965 -66 ) , President, Economic and Managerial Research Center, University of Baghdad ( 1966 – 67 ), Dean, College of Administration and Economics ( 1969 ). Chairman, Department of Business Administration ( 1970 ), Chairman, Committee for the Recognition of the State and Public Sector ( 1970 – 77 ) , Revolution Command Council, full-time researcher, Economic and Managerial Research Center ( 1978 – 82 ), Professor of Military Science, Al-Bakr University for Post Graduate Military Studies, College of War and College of  National Defense ( 1986 – 88 ), Professor, College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad (1982 – 1992 ) .

  • In 1992, Professor Al-Shamma’ left Iraq and became the Deputy General Manager, Arab Institute of Banking and Financial Studies, one of the Pan-Arab Institutions for Joint Arab Action, League of Arab States, which is Jordan-based. In 1996, he became Vice President of the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Science, and in 2008 he was the Acting President of the Arab Academy.

  • During the years 1992 – 2011, he was also the General Manager of the Banking and Financial Consulting Center, and the General Manager of the Banking and Financial Research Center, including an Editor of the Journal for Banking and Financial Studies, Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences.

  • Leaving service at the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, he established the Professional Consultant and Trainer Company, which leads the Arab-Global Group for Consulting and Training Services (PCTgroup).

  • Professor Al-Shamma’ was a member of many state-owned organizations in Iraq, including the Central Bank of Iraq (1986 – 92). National Insurance Company (1965 – 92), Company for the Importation and Distribution of Drugs and Chemicals (Chemadia), Commercial Bank of Iraq , State Purchasing Board, University Bookstore, College of Administration and Economics, and many others .

  • He established many academic institutions, including the College Administration and Economics, Chartered Accountant Diploma, High Banking Diploma, High Insurance Diploma, Master of Business Administration, Ph.D. in Administration and Economics, Ph.D. in Business Administration, all at the University of Baghdad, and Ph.D. in Banking and Financial Sciences, Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences.

  • Professor Al-Shamma’ student population had been astounding, including some 100000 undergraduates, and about 1000 graduates, with the supervision of about 400 High Diploma, Master and Ph.D. degrees in many specializations, such as management, accounting, banking, capital markets, economics, strategy, and military science.

  • His academic achievement extends to include the publication of many books, covering such specializations as banking, financial management, accounting, financial institutions, organization theory, principles of management, management of modern research institutions, Basel I, Basel II, structure of the banking system in Iraq, organization of the University of Baghdad, promotion and financing of micro, small and medium enterprises, feasibility studies of new enterprises, in addition to the publication of about 100 research papers in Arabic and English. One of his basic professional achievements was reorganization of state and public sector in Iraq, in about 200 volumes.

  • He donated all his personal library to the College of Administration and Economics, University of Baghdad,2012, which hosted it as a special division.

  • As a trainer, he prepared and delivered more than 50 highly specialized programs, in most Arab countries, all of them were implemented several times. Topics covered were highly diversified, such as credit, banking operations, management accounting for banks, real estate finance and investment, real estate appraisal, mergers and acquisitions, securitization, syndication, asset-liability management , analysis and evaluation of bank customer, analysis and evaluation of bank performance, strategic management, analysis of capital market operations, small and medium enterprises, etc….

  • At both pan-Arab and global levels, he was intensively active in the organization of annual conference, forums, symposia, workshops and brain-storming sessions.

  • In appreciation of his academic, professional and social achievements, he was awarded many prizes and global distinctions. At Iraqi level he won prizes from the Revolution Command Council, President of the Republic of Iraq, Planning Board, Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq, National Insurance Company. President of the University of Baghdad, President of the Al-Bakr University for Post Graduate Military Studies, Iraqi Economic Association, Iraqi Society of Accountants and Auditors, Arab Federation of Industries and Mineral, and others.

  • At global level, he won many awards and distinctions as from the International Biographical Centre, London, (IBC, U.K.), Presidential Seal of Honour, USA, The First Five Thousands, (IBC, U.K.). The First Five Hundred,(IBC, U.K.). The First Twenty Five, (ABI, U.S.A.) Man of the Year, (ABI, U.S.A.), Greatest Minds of the 21st Century, (ABI, U.S.A.), Outstanding Man of the 21st Century,(ABI, U.S.A.), 1000 Intellectuals of the World (IBC).

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