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International Recognition

World Lifetime Achievment Award 1999
Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century-1 2008
Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century-2 2008
Man of the Year 2006
Noble Prize 2001
Noble Prize 2002
The 2oth Century Award for Achievement
Leading Intelleactuals of the World 2004
Man of The Year Medal
Itn'l Man of The Year 97-98

International Biographical Centre

IBA Medal

International Biographical Centre

The First 500 Leaders of Influence
Lifetime Deputy Governer 1998
Exemplary Achievment  2001
World Lifetime Achievment Award 2004
Keys of Success - Teaching Excellence
Keys of Success - Management Acheivment
Keys of Success - Professional Performance
Keys of Success - Professional Marketing
Keys of Success - Notable Author
Keys of Success - Leader in Science
Keys of Success - Excellence in Global Relations
Keys of Success - Community Leadership
Keys of Success - Acheivment in Reasearch
Keys of Success - Leader in Education
Certificate of Authenticity 2006
The Order of International Fellowship
The First 500 Hundred
Greatest Minds of the 21st Century 2003
International Man of the Year 97-98
Deputy Director General - Asia
Man of the Year 2001
Lifetime Fellow of the ABI
Man of the Year
IBC Millennium Time Capsule
Millennium Time Capsule
Outstanding Man of the 21st Century
the 2000 Outstanding Intelleactuals of the 21st Century 2008
Twenty First Century Achievment Award 2003
The First Five Hundred 1998_edited_edited
The Order International Fellowship
Outstanding Contribution
Nobel Prize 2001
Int'l Who's Who 98
Int'l Who's Who 97
Five Hundred Leaders of Influence 99
Director General's Honours List
Five Hundred Leaders of Influence 98
Degree of Excellence in Finance
500 Leaders of Influence

The American Biographical Institute Research Association

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