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Organization of Annual Forums:

  1. “Training Needs Assessment”, Cairo, Egypt, 1992.

  2. “The Training Evaluation Process”, Cairo, Egypt, 1993.

  3. “Requirements of the Global Direction for the Development of Human Resources in Islamic Banks”, Cairo, Egypt, 1993.

  4. “Training Techniques and Instruments”, Istanbul, Turkey, 1994.

  5. “Human Resources Strategies in Islamic Banks”, Istanbul, Turkey, 1994.

  6. “Training Needs Assessment in Islamic Banks”, Cairo, Egypt, 1995.

  7. “Globalization and Its Human Resources Challenges”, Cairo, Egypt, 1995.

  8. “The International Monetary Fund and the Arab Countries: Present and Prospects”, Amman, Jordan, 1995 (In Cooperation with IMF).

  9. “Performance Appraisal for the Development of Human Resources” Istanbul, Turkey, 1996.

  10. “Challenges Facing the Arab World in a Global Economy”, Amman, Jordan, 1997, (in Cooperation with IMF).

  11. “Transformational Leadership Facing Future Challenges, and the Role of Training Management”, Istanbul, Turkey, 1997.

  12. “The Evolving Role of the State”, Beirut, Lebanon, 1998 (in Cooperation with IMF).

  13. “An Integrated Vision for the Development of Human Resources in the 21st Century”, Amman, Jordan, 1998.

  14. “Investment Policies and Economic Growth”, Dubai, U.A.E., 1999.

  15. “Impact of Globalization on Human Resources”, Tunis, 1999.

  16. “Strategic Management of Human Resources Facing the Challenges of the New Millennium” Beirut, Lebanon, 2000.

  17. “Strategic Planning and Information Technology”, Damascus, Syria, 2001.

  18. “Training … Luxury or Investment?” Amman, Jordan, 2002.

  19. “Removing the Obstacles to Residential Mortgage Finance in the Arab World”, Cairo, Egypt, 2006.

  20. “Integration of Arab Capital Markets: Prospects and Challenges”, Muscat, Oman, 2007.

  21. “HR and Training Metrics to Impact Your Business”, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007.

  22. “Marketing and Bank Management”, Amman, Jordan, 2007.

  23. “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Arab World: Opportunities and Challenges”, Tunis, 2007.

  24. “Real Estate Development and Investment”, Doha, Qatar, 2008.

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