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Consultancy Firms and Assignments


  1. ARAC Management Consultancy   ( Head Office in Cairo), 1967-1975

  2. IRAC ( Self-Owned by Professor Khalil Al-Shamma'), Baghdad 1972-1992

  3. Office of the Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Council 1970-1977

  4. Consultancy Center/ Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences 1992-2011


Sample Consultancy Assignments:

  1. Bank Reorganization in Iraq ( Several Assignments)

  2. Reorganization of the Financial Sector in Iraq (Several Assignment)

  3. Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Pan-Arab Housing Bank (Four-Year Assignment, for The League of Arab States, Housing and Reconstruction Department, Tunis, 1979 - 1982)

  4. Financial Analysis and Information System for the Egyptian Capital Market (Transitional Corporation Center and UNDP, United Nations, and the Capital Market Authority, Egypt, 1989 - 1991)

  5. Feasibility of the Establishment of the Training Department at Amman Investment Bank, 1993

  6. Promotion of a New Financial Service Company ( for The Investment and Trading Co.) Tripoli/Libya, 1995-1996

  7. Reorganization of the Jordan Gulf Bank, Jordan, 1995

  8. Reorganization of Dellah Al-Baraka Group ( Preliminary Assignment, 1993)

  9. Training Needs Assessments (TNA)/ Jordan Gulf Bank, Amman – Jordan/ Agricultural Bank of Sudan, Khartoum – Sudan/ Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia/ National Bank of Jordan, Amman – Jordan/ Qatar National Bank, Doha – Qatar/ Agricultural and Fishery Bank Oman, Muscat – Oman, 1993-1999.

  10. Comprehensive Reorganization of the Iraqi State and the Public Sector (All Ministries and their Departments and Governorates), Revolutionary Council,  1970-1977

  11. Reorganization of the Iraqi Oil Sector (Several Assignments)

  12. Feasibility Study for the Establishment of the Bank Training Institute, Yemen

  13. Feasibility Study for the Establishment of the Bank Training Institute, Palestine.

  14. Consultant, Modernization and Upgrading of the Banking and Financial Sector in Iraq – Subcontract to the Arab Academy from BearingPoint (Washington, D.C.),   2005-2008

  15. Reorganization of the Ministry of Trade, 1972-1974

  16. Reorganization of the state Automobile, 1968-1972

  17. Modernization and Upgrading of the Cooperative and Agricultural Bank (CAC Bank) in Yemen, Consultant and Project Leader

  18. Accounting, Financial and Banking Systems, Popular Credit Bank, Syria, 2008-2011

  19. Computerization of the Accounting, Financial and Banking Systems, Industrial Bank/ Syria, Project Leader, 2010-2011, under contracting

  20. Reorganization Many Private Firms

  21. Reorganization Many State Agencies

  22. Other Consultancy Assignments.

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